Wii Winter Sports 2012, King Arthur 2, Crush 3D reviewed

Winter Sports 2012 for Wii. Below, King Arthur 2 and Crush 3D.
Winter Sports 2012 for Wii. Below, King Arthur 2 and Crush 3D.
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Title: Winter Sports 2012: Wii: Sport: £24.99

WE may not have had a sniff of the winter weather that brought the UK to a standstill last year, but that shouldn’t stop us getting into the frosty spirit with a cockle-warming Wii offering of Winter Sports for 2012.

 Here, more than 30 challenges across 10 winter sport and Olympic events have been sent to test you in sub-zero climates, and it’s stomach-clenching stuff.

 Where else are you going to plummet down a mountainside at more than 120mph on nothing but a pair of skis or a snowboard?

 Adrenaline junkies will lap up the snow-clad action and with full balance board support you’ll have your work cut out to keep on the straight and narrow down the slopes.

 A split-screen mode brings an additional layer of competition to the game, while oodles of rewards and unlockables lie in wait for those willing to brave the cold for that little bit longer.

 A great alpine experience, and all without having to travel up a mountain!


Title: King Arthur 2: PC: RPG: £27.99

IF Skyrim has left you exhausted from countless hours of sword-wielding and dragon slaying, then you might want to look away now, or reach for a couple more paracetamol.

 King Arthur 2 thrusts RPG fans into yet another new and dark fantasy setting where King Arthur, no longer a valiant ruler, is now the Maimed King trying to mend a land almost beyond repair.

 Following on from the successful original title, the sequel offers up more heroic, large-scale battles with bigger armies within your reach to defeat more powerful foes.

 The boss fights have been ramped up too, alongside a host of pretty grotesque and unsettling enemies who will pepper your journey through the beautifully crafted game world.

 There’s little doubt that King Arthur is looking to once again make a name for himself at a time when the RPG market is at its very strongest.

 A tough challenge indeed, which leaves Arthur less of the king, and more of the minion to the superlative Elder Scrolls.


Crush 3D: Nintendo 3DS: Platform/Puzzle: £29.99

CRUSH was a fab PSP puzzler released a few years ago that offered a unique perspective on the puzzle gaming experience, where you had to conquer a complex, hypnotic world by crushing and “uncrushing” your environment from 2D to 3D and vice versa to progress.

 Naturally, Nintendo’s 3DS presented the opportunity for further visual enhancement to this concept, and Crush 3D proves to be an enjoyable exploration of the surreal platforms of lead character Danny’s mind, using the same key game mechanic.

 Some great ideas come to the fore as you work your way through levels, but frustration often gets the better of you, as you turn to the hints to solve puzzles that shouldn’t be quite so complex so quickly.

 It’s a shame, because Crush 3D is well worth checking out, but it might leave your brain feeling a little too battered and bruised to persist.


Run Roo Run: iPhone/iPad: Action: £1.49

DON’T you just love games? Where else would you find the tale of Roo, whose joey has been kidnapped, so instantly believable and enjoyable?

 In any other walk of life it would be branded outlandish madness, but here on iPhone and iPad it represents more than 400 levels of reaction-testing platforming genius.

 As Roo automatically runs from left to right, you must tell her when to jump by tapping on the screen.

 Sounds simple? Well, it gets incredibly extreme, as wall grabbing, double jumping and cannon firing all seamlessly meld into the gameplay mix, as the quick-fire levels (lasting only a few seconds each) come thick and fast.

 It’s a great-looking game too, with the kind of classic cartoon appearance best suited to something as simple and fast-paced as this.

 A slick, speedy, simple concept, and one you won’t mind snapping up for a quid and a half.