Widower’s appeal over factory asbestos claim

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A WIDOWER is appealing to his wife’s former colleagues for help.

Margaret Collier, who worked at Hyers from 1971 to 1990, died of a respiratory disease after exposure to asbestos.

Now her husband of 49 years Richard Collier, of Houghton, has turned to industrial illness specialists at Thompson & Co Solicitors for assistance.

It is alleged that Mrs Collier, who worked as a presser at the Fence Houses factory and then in its pleating department, was exposed to asbestos when walking through the boiler room.

Mrs Collier was diagnosed as having developed mesothelioma in 2009. She died aged 70, on April 22, 2010.

Mr Collier, 73, who also worked at Hyers, said: “The whole family was completely devastated when Margaret received her diagnosis.

“To learn that she had developed such a destructive disease was truly heartbreaking.

“Margaret was a wonderful wife and mother and seeing her health deteriorate was unbearable.

“She always loved working, and to think that her job, which she left in 1990, had such an impact on her health so many years later is agonising.”

Anyone who worked at Hyers from around 1970 to 1990, or who may be able to help Mr Collier, can contact Philip Thompson at Thompson & Co Solicitors, on 565 6290.