Why we must hope the war on plastic waste is genuine ... and not just a Tory ruse to woo young voters

Cynics have been quick to shoot down the Government's pledge to tackle the plastic peril but it's a cause that has chimed with our readers.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:36 am
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:40 am
Eradicating plastic use is at the forefront of a new environment plan.

As soon as Theresa May revealed her plan to extend the 5p charge for plastic bags to all retailers as part of her government’s clean up campaign, people took to our Facebook page to express their support.

Given the flak flying in the direction of the Tories over their handling of the NHS winter pressures, the support will have been a welcome distraction.

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Theresa May described plastic waste as “one of the great environmental scourges of our time.” She’s right. It’s an issue that has been gathering pace since the damage caused to our environment was highlighted in the excellent Blue Planet II TV series.

While our readers support the government’s crackdown, many feel Theresa May hasn’t gone far enough. Some called for the price of bags to be doubled, while others demanded their complete eradication. It is worth noting that the plan follows the findings of a Tory think tank which identified the environment as a key issue for young voters, a segment of society that turned its back on the Conservatives at the last election.

A cynical attempt to woo young voters or a politically lead drive to help save our environment? In many ways the reasons behind this plan to eradicate all ‘avoidable plastic waste’ by 2042 matter not a jot.

What matters is that the project is followed through with solid achievable goals and a detailed plan of how to get there. So far that detail has been conspicuous by its absence.

If the detail fails to emerge, the support will waver ... and the biggest loser won’t be the Tories, but the blue planet we call home.