Why George Howe should get his head out of the sand

Well, two days after Christmas, we had another letter from local Tory George Howe.

Monday, 7th January 2019, 10:37 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 11:02 am

Within a few sentences he tries to link Brexit with the attempted hijack of a ship by Nigerian men trying to access this country.

A terrifying incident for the crew, and not one to make political jibes about. Knowing nothing about the hijackers circumstances, nor do I, he quickly classes them as economic migrants, who should be deported.

He admits he thinks immigration is more of a threat from outside the EU than from within, thus undermining his own well published political thoughts.

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Why leave Europe if EU immigration is Not the threat that caused Sunderland to vote the way it did in the referendum? A “fact” he has often stated. Once again he states it is immigration alone that threatens the economic and cultural strength of this country. A racist statement on its own.

I say he again chooses to ignore the situation in our own town and country brought on by the policies of the party he represents in the polls, Conservative.

A party, which through attacks on working people, the disabled and unemployed, oversees Universal Credit, Bedroom Tax, sanctions at the employment office which have all contributed to the numbers of people starving over Christmas.

That sees children instead of waiting for Santa, waiting for the food bank to open so they can eat. Only to be confronted by visiting Tory MPs trying to make political capital out of severe hardship. Severe hardship they are responsible for.

He represents a political party that ignores, denies and even lies about any responsibility for creating hard times that have been endured over this Christian season.

It is he, and his like, who before it is too late must realise they are responsible for what ails society at this moment in time. Get your head out of the sand, and see what is going on in your own area and your own town.

Do something about the issues that affect all the voters in your constituency, or else resign.

Arthur Oxley