Who remembers this Sunderland building with tiny lifts?

Love them or loathe them, you certainly never forgot the Hahnemann Court flats.

Thursday, 28th February 2019, 10:00 am
The photograph of Hahnemann Court Flats in the early 2000s.

More than 25,000 of you took an interest when we carried a photograph of the former place on social media.

It prompted a glut of comments with more than 2,600 people engaging with the post.

The start of demolition work at Hahnemann Court.

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The photograph was taken in 2009, the year that the announcement came that a £16million project to build a hi-spec replacement next door was being scrapped after it was hit by a slump in the global property market.

Instead, tenants were offered the chance to move to the City Green and Benedict Court apartment buildings near the civic centre.

In 2011, less than a year after the last residents left the tower block, demolition teams started work at the derelict site.

But what did you all think of the place?

Lots of you loved it and the lifts left a lasting impression. Many of you referred to how small they were.

Carol Davies said they were “so small” and Chris McDonough said a relative “used to be terrified of the lift after getting stuck in it once! x”

Thanks to Jean Burnip who included Steph Stothard and Chris McDonough among others in comments and said: “I used to love going in the lift when I was little, its a small world xx.”

Jean added: “I used to like visiting, loved the lifts. And nanas flat always used to smell of imperial leather soap. Happy memories. Nana and Auntie Meg were both lovely ladies.xx.”

Others with positive memories included Alexandra Perry who commented on the photograph and said: “Wow. Lots of lovely memories x.”

Andy Johnson said: “My gran and grandad lived there in the early 70s.”

Carol Chalk said: “my Mam loved living there x.”

Diane Smith said her Nana was a resident and the photo “brings back loads of happy memories xx.”

Some of you preferred to refer to Carley Place such as Desmond Broe who said: “Still dream of old Carley Place, it’s in your bones.”

David Williams said: “Remember it as Carley Place, better memories.”

More than 100 of you liked the post and they included Julie Rate, Lee Blakelock, Jean Oliver, Allison Watson and Andy Nanson. So did Karo Kurda, Rachel Redman, Patsi Riley, Brenda Lawther, Michelle Young, Victoria Martin, Jodi Khadijah Ndong and Kim Chapman.

The comments just kept on coming and Lynne Scott told us: “My dad was one of the caretakers plus my grandma and granda lived there. Happy memories there.”

Diane Smith included June Douglas Cook in the post when she commented: “We had some good times and laughs there. Memories last a life time xx.”

Jacqui Marshall said her nana “loved there before they were built, when the miners cottages were there.”

Thanks also to Sarah Jane Stewart who said: “My nana lived here for many years. Great memories.”

Some more of you to like the post included John Graham, Margaret Collins, Alex Davies, Jennifer Lockwood, Samantha Taggart, Trisha Bernstein and Cath Ray. We thank them all.

Stuart Carragher-Hall had a different memory of it all and said: “My nanna lived there for years. I remember at first being confused by the layout, as it was a 5 storey building but only 3 stops in the lift!”

So did Joanne Kennedy who said: “Used to be on my paper round” and Tammy Maidment who said: “My first paper round was in there.”

Thanks also to Emma Louise Bellerby who said: “Seems like yesterday” and Lynne Lyons-Davis who said: “Lived there for a while when my dad came out of the RAF, think 1967.”

More people who had nanas who lived there included Vicki Wrathmall, Debbie Miller, Angela Brown, Rachael Taylor and plenty of others.

A final thanks to more of you who liked our social media post, including Paul Anthony Scott, Sharon Tutty, Paul Hurt, Donna Cogdon Stothard and Paul McGarley.

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