Which Sunderland grot spots would you like cleaning up?

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SUPERMARKET staff are searching for clean-up challenges to improve communities.

Asda stores across Wearside are welcoming nominations for areas in need of attention as part of the company’s national Big Litter Pick project, where staff will tidy green spaces.

Anyone who would like to suggest places in need of attention can visit their store and speak to its community life champion, who will welcome recommendations in person or in writing.

Dawn Clements, head of Asda’s community team, said, “I think it is important that we look after the area in which we live and work, and we are really excited to hear where community members think our Big Litter Pick Team can make a difference.

“There will be an area by every store’s Community Life board where you can leave your nomination over the coming weeks.

“We’re all really keen to get stuck in and work together with the local community to get our hands dirty.

“We hope to make a real difference tidying up an area in need of some attention – whether it be a park, playground or path.”