When a Sunderland car park warned drivers could get locked in during Sir Ken Dodd's super-long show

This was the sign put up by car park bosses on one of Sir Ken Dodd's last visits to Sunderland.

Monday, 12th March 2018, 10:55 am
Updated Monday, 12th March 2018, 1:55 pm
Sir Ken Dodd

The performer, who has died aged 90, was a regular visitor to Sunderland- and renowned for his mammoth shows.

Sir Ken had a reputation for running on long after other entertainers would have wrapped up - and, indeed, gone to bed.

The notice put up at St Mary's Car Park

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So long were his shows, that when he performed at the Sunderland Empire in 2011, the city's St Mary's Car Park - which shuts at 11.30pm - put up a notice warning people going to the show that there cars may get locked in overnight if they parked there.

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The notice put up at St Mary's Car Park