What you say about plans to build new Sunderland apartments for young professionals

Readers are less than impressed by plans to turn an ex-Sunderland city centre hostel for the homeless into flats for young professionals.

Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 12:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st October 2018, 12:18 pm
The owners want to turn the former homeless hostel Camrex House into 50 apartments for 'young professionals'.

The former Camrex House in Tatham Street could be transformed into 50 apartments after plans were given the go ahead by councillors.

The building, near Mowbray Park, has been on the market since 2014, and the plans aim to complement regeneration schemes in the Sunniside area.

But readers are sceptical that the one-bedroom apartments which are proposed will attract the 'young professional' clientele the developers are hoping for.

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Related: Fifty apartments for 'young professionals' to be built in Sunderland city centreSarah Gray said: "To attract young professionals you need graduate-level jobs in the area first. That would help. Just a thought..."

Stewart Graham: "Young professionals - they should be for homeless or young families that can afford to pay, instead of paying private landlords rent."

David Scott: "I'm sure the Echo 24 apartments were built to attract young professionals and look how they have ended up."

Mike Littisore: "A stone's throw from the occupants of the Norfolk Hotel who gather with their cans and bottles around the skateboard park in Sunniside. Will probably suit 50 young professional ... homeless! How about naming it Methadone Manor?"

William Riley: "Hmmm, what was a doss house is going to be 50 apartments which will be looking over at the new doss house, which is now over the road."

John Coates: "That place was a home for people who went wrong in their lives, gave them some hope. It's easy to criticise when you've never been in their situation."

Matthew Pearson: "That's what they said about the Echo building. Was great at first now look at it."

Becca Old: "I was starting to think all they cared about was students."

Kimberley Wilson: "There’s enough one-bed places what about larger houses for families??

Sarah Jane O'Neill: "How many young professionals want that area?

Scott Clark: "Fifty apartments with 16 parking spaces! With a kitchen!! Oh, and a bathroom! Where do I sign?"