What you said about MPs rejecting the Brexit deal - how Sunderland reacted to the vote in Parliament

Quitting the Labour party, calling for a no-deal Brexit and telling Sunderland's MPs to be careful what they wish for - Sunderland Echo readers have been reacting to the vote in Parliament last night.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 11:36 am
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 4:38 am
Picture by PA

Theresa May's Government is now left looking for new ways to move Brexit forward after MPs rejected the Prime Minister's Brexit deal in a historic vote last night.

Echo readers have reacted with anger and concern on our Facebook group.

Robert Middleton said: "New set of MPs needed, this lot need booting out. "

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Tony Pucci said: "All we asked you to do was to exit from the EU. NOTHING ELSE !!!!"

Michelle Williamson said: "Blame the government, not the EU!"

Dave Buckley said: "No deal Brexit is what we all voted for. Deliver on it or face the wrath of the electorate."

Others were more specific about the Sunderland MP's and their remarks after the vote.Sandra Hall said: "I have just resigned from the Labour Party, with a heavy heart. I cannot my membership when three MPs in Sunderland do not represent the views of their constituents.

"I will never vote again because the three of them have proved what they think of a democratic vote. LEAVE MEANS LEAVE!!!!!!!!"

Louise Robertson said: "Labour do not represent me. I didn't vote Labour, but this will continue in Sunderland until people wake up and vote some other party in, which is unlikely to happen so we are stuck with them."

In response to Sharon Hodgson's call for a General Election, Tommy Elliott said: "She should be careful what she wishes for.

"She's like a lot of labour MPs, think they have a really safe seat. After the way she has totally disrespect her constituency this may not be so. I have voted labour for 55 years but never again."

However, Sunderland's MPs did have some supporters - including for Bridget Phillipson and Julie Elliott's calls for another referendum.

Steve King said: "Well said Bridget (Phillipson). Not one leave campaigner mentioned a no-deal scenario. In fact, deals would be ‘a piece of cake’. People’s Vote."

Chris Milnes said: "To everyone that’s suggesting a no deal, please understand that we immediately lose trade deals that we have in place with 70 per cent of all of our trading partners.

"Thus making all of our imports more expensive (inflation) and our exports more expensive. How is that a good idea?"

Jean Thompson may have summed it up best for many, however. "I'm sick of hearing about it," she said.