What you said about investment reaching £1.5billion in Sunderland

News that a series of projects has seen investment in Sunderland reach £1.5billion has been met with a mixed reaction.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 1:08 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 11:41 am

Sunderland Business Partnership released the figures yesterday The information provoked a number of responses from readers on our Facebook page.

Mark Thompson said: "What a croc......a made up figure by a quango justifying itself. Cue more flats and empty office blocks to go with the tax buildings.

"The fire station must have been empty for 20 years and it's the key building. Why do we in Sunderland allow them to keep blowing smoke up us........don't they realise we have EYES!"

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Janet Ayre said: "It's great to see things progressing in the city, but I've also realised to support the city we need to shop in the city and to give support to local business so they don't have to shut down.

"The only way to get others to come and shop here is also is to be positive about what we have. Its an exciting time as I can see things are changing and that can only be a good thing. but I acknowledge there is still more to be done."

Anthony Robinson said: "It's a cumulative total, I would be interested to see the breakdown of public and private. Either way, the fact that investment is coming into the city is surely good news rather than cause to twist."

David Walton said: "Not before time we have waited a long time for any big developments in Sunderland. Look from any bridge on the Tyne and you see work going on, we always seem to be left til last."