'What a stupid idea' and 'nonsensical' - your views about charging Sunderland Airshow spectators £10

Echo readers have flown firmly in the face of an idea to charge Sunderland Airshow spectators £10.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 2:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 2:37 pm
Do you believe a 10 Sunderland Airshow spectators charge is pie in the sky?
Do you believe a 10 Sunderland Airshow spectators charge is pie in the sky?

Mr Brown complained that "many of the spectators are simply there for a free day out and to get drunk".

He continued: "If everyone was charged £10 for the privilege they would make more money, there would be less litter and a more enthusiastic crowd."

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Responding on Facebook to the letter, sea front resident Donna Gibson said: "So you how you going to stop people looking up at the sky?

"I live on the sea front and stay away when the airshow is on any way.

"But I've never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. How's that going to work? Stewards everywhere shouting 'quick get his money he looked up and peeped at a plane'?

Scott Griffin added: "No certainly not, for one would be a nightmare to enforce and I mean are they going to charge the residents who live along there and people who are in the pubs and restaurants along there on airshow weekend end.

"An absolute nonsensical idea."

Judith Loraine said: "Well that would be the end of the air show.

"Perhaps Mick Brown could suggest how to collect the money. He could door knock to collect from the houses on the sea front, just because they live there doesn't mean they get a freebie.

"If he's got any more ideas we wait with baited breath to hear them."

Joanne Jarvis wrote: "I think this would be a disgrace when it's been free all these years and plus does this mean them disadvantaged children out there would have to miss out again?

"It's a no no from me."

Lynne Roberts added: "What about people who live there? Will they be charged for watching planes in their own gardens? What a stupid idea."