What happened to the summer? Wet August forecast for North East

Bad weather at the start of the summer holidays.
Bad weather at the start of the summer holidays.
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As far as the weather goes, the North East doesn’t expect much.

But after days of heavy showers and winter-like conditions this summer, many of us are left wondering where the summer went.

A Met Office spokeswoman said parts of our region have seen as much as six to 10 millimetres of rain over a 12 hour period from 9pm on Monday to 9am on Tuesday.

But it was West Yorkshire which saw the heaviest downpours reaching 27.6 millimetres overnight on Monday.

Looking ahead to August, changeable conditions are likely to continue with fairly frequent spells of wind and rain and temperatures on the whole will be near or a little below average for the time of year.

Maximum temperatures this week will hit peaks of 16C with cold overnight temperatures of 5C.

Bad weathee at the start of the summer holidays.

Bad weathee at the start of the summer holidays.

“Overnight temperatures will be quite cold but daytime temperatures are around average,” a Met Office spokeswoman said.

“On Wednesday it will be around four or five degrees Celsius.

“There has been heavy showers in South Shields, Durham and Sunderland through Tuesday afternoon continuing into the evening and it will not dry up until mid-morning tomorrow on Wednesday.

“There will be some cloud around and from 7am to 9am on Wednesday there will be light isolated showers.”

Despite this, the Met Office has confirmed that we should expect to see some breaks in the clouds as the week goes on.

Dry spells are also expected but the weather will continue to be showery on Thursday with low temperatures until Friday.

To heighten the wintery weather there is potential for grass frost on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Though things are set to brighten up this weekend with the Met Office predicting a sunny day on Saturday and a dry day on Sunday.