What does the weather have in store for Sunderland today?

Half term week is set for a breezy start across Wearside today.

Half term week is set to have a breezy start
Half term week is set to have a breezy start

The Met Office says the day will start off cloudy and windy, with some showery rain possible at first.

It will become brighter but breezy later, with a few further showers, mainly over higher ground.

Temperatures are expected to be lower than the last few days, but still above average for the time of year, with a maximum of 10 °C.

This evening will be on the cloudy side , with a few further showers arriving on the breeze, getting generally drier and less windy overnight, with clearer spells developing later and a minimum of 3 °C.

Tuesday will be mainly dry during the morning, with sunny spells and light winds for a time, becoming breezy again later in the day, with cloud thickening and rain in the afternoon.

The rest of the week is likely to be changeable and often windy, but getting drier towards the weekend, and turning generally very mild again.