What a great delivery as baby is born in cricket club’s car park

Kate and Dave Dickinson with their daughter Ellie Grace who was born in the car park of the Hetton Lyons Cricket Club.
Kate and Dave Dickinson with their daughter Ellie Grace who was born in the car park of the Hetton Lyons Cricket Club.
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HOWZAT for an entrance into the world? Dave and Kate Dickinson were bowled over when the latest addition to their family arrived – in a cricket club car park.

They were making their way to the University Hospital of North Durham after Kate went into labour.

Despite trying her best to hold on, the contractions became so strong that Dave was forced to pull over outside Hetton Lyons Cricket Club.

Before too long club members found themselves lending a helping hand in delivering impatient little Ellie Grace.

 Dave, a baker, said: “My wife was in labour and so we set off on our way to the hospital, but we only managed to make it a mile and a half down the road as we had to pull over at the cricket club.

“We got her into the back seat and people came out of the club and started bringing us towels to help keep her warm.

“Someone said they were a nurse, which was a huge relief, and then two people helped deliver our baby in the car.”

The 34-year-old, of South Hetton, said: “We really want to thank everyone who gave us help by bringing out the towels, by rubbing her legs, and someone even bought out some socks for her to wear.

“We just want to give a really big thank-you to the people that helped. There is no way we could get hold of them all, but the support the public gave was unbelievable.

The baby, who Dave and Kate named Ellie Grace, weighed in at a healthy 8lb 7oz and was born at about 11.30pm on Saturday.

Kate, 29, a teacher, said: “From the moment we pulled up someone said do you want some help and then assistance just kept coming.

“The two ladies that delivered Ellie did such an amazing job as it was a really cold night and they managed to keep her warm.

“We did not think about anyone being there but there was so many people who wanted to help.

Vice chairman of the Hetton club John Defty said: “One of the members was going home for the night but came running back in to say there was a lady in the car park having a baby.

“Obviously I went out to see what it was about and the father had just rang for an ambulance.

“We tried to give her as much privacy as we could. There was a nurse who was in the club and she helped with the delivery.”