We're in the retro money - that's the Joplings money to you and me!

We could hear those tills ringing once more when we turned the clock back to the days of Joplings money.

Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 11:00 am
Who remembers the Joplings money?

‘Who remembered the store’s own currency’, we asked on social media. The post reached 17,000 of you and dozens left comments - including those who had the little coins.

We even got the odd message from people who think they may still have a Joplings coin or two.

Christmas breakfast at Joplings in 1982.

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So here’s a selection of some of the best comments you left and we would love to hear more.

Sandra Di-Duca remembered both the money “and the little baskets.” She said: “It was like playing shops!”

Eileen Cassley told us: “I loved Joplings loved going to see santa and the magic grotto ridess shame it closed down.”

Sharon Phillips was another reader with Joplings memories and she told us: “I can remember when my mam didn’t spend it all she would give me some to get sweets I used to get a tiny basket to put my sweets in.”

Joplings pictured in John Street in June 1962.

Susan Carter reminisced: “I remember going in sweet department with a little basket and a few Joplings penny’s and buying a lot of sweets xx.”

And thanks also to Norma Willis who said: “Me mam used to take me up stairs to the boutique and get all me mod clothes there when i was a kid.”

Norma added: “Got my xmas toys there and used to go to the grotto to see santa and get me prezzie.”

Geri Cunningham said: “I loved my saturday trip into town and into joplins with my toy money i called it..the little baskets in the sweet department.”

But what are your memories of Joplings? We would love to hear about those quirky little things you remember, the sort of thing people might have forgotten about.

Nic Heatlie said: “I knew it was Xmas when these bad lads came out.”

Pauline Cooper suggested the Joplings money “might be worth a fortune now.”

Elaine Frater said: “That is what my mam did for us we filled the little red baskets with sweets. Good memories.”

And Jenifer Thompson said: “Yes and going to the office to Change a club for Joplin’s money.”

Gillian Cunningham contributed: “My god,and didn,t they come in so very useful” while James Thompson told us: “I have a Kennedy penny somewhere.”

Denise Struck said: “I’ve got one somewhere probably from my aunty Peggy Swan who worked there.”

It seems like the little coins were often used by wide-eyed children with sweets as their target.

Maureen Wilkinson said: “I can remember going in to sweet department at Joplings” while Andrea Evans recalled “picking up those tiny little baskets they had, and going for our sweets. X”

Sue Gray said: “I loved the little baskets u had to use. They were red I think.”

June Girdwood Ward was a former Joplings employee and said: “I remember having to count it when I worked there x

Lisa Hollern added: “Me too” while Frank Nufc Ward commented: “My god me mam used to take me there.”

Pauline Taylor said: “Ive actually got one xxx” while others to like the post included Jax Stockdale, Karen Blake, Jean Dawson, Maureen Wilkinson, Sharon Adams - who called it a “Blast from the past!” and Audrey Ferry.

Others to remember Joplings money included Margaret Osman, Jean Hall, Christine Wilson, Margaret Martin, Maureen Mcdonough, Janet Welsh and Carole Rawding.

Those of you who liked the post included Vera Butler, Isabel Armstrong, Jean Dawson, Claire Green, Kim Hunnam, Monica Warnaby, Tracey Spraggon and Jean Smith.

So did Marion Sinclair, Carl Bonallie, Kim Chapman, Alan Ramsey, Maureen Collins, Linda Robson, Valerie Robson, Catherine Dawson, Robert Webster, Jean Rowell and Elaine Wheldon.

Five of you loved the social media post and they were Gillian Cunningham, Joan Mcguinness, Paula Smith, Michelle Oxley and Katrina Lowes.

We thank them all and hope more people get in touch with their own memories.

It could be more memories of Joplings or your reminiscences on another Sunderland shop or store from times gone by.

And while we’re on the topic, has anyone got a photo of the subway under Binns? Lots of people have asked and we would love to deliver. To share those memories, email [email protected]