We're better than that

The response by some people to the arrival of young refugees from the so-called '˜Jungle' in Calais has been nothing short of sickening and upsetting.

Friday, 28th October 2016, 8:02 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 8:44 am

Conservative MP David Davies, a man who clearly needs a few basic lessons in dentistry, should, in particular, be ashamed of his dehumanising anti-refugee rhetoric.

I am pleased to see the British Dental Association move so quickly to condemn his vile remarks.

It’s also a relief to see the Home Office reject his suggestion out of hand.

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These refugees are young, vulnerable, victims of war who have been forced to wait far too long in chaotic, degrading and inhumane conditions by a British Government that has deliberately dragged its feet.

Most importantly, however, these children are human beings.

We venture down a very dark path when we forget that simple fact.

We’re better than that – we’re Great Britain.

We must continue to reject the populist anti-refugee, anti-immigration and xenophobic rhetoric being whipped up by a resurgent hard right wing of the Conservative party, aided by a frothing right-wing media talented in the art of misinformation and faux-outrage.

The UK is an open and tolerant country; despite reports to the contrary, we have not lost our compassion.

David Davies does not speak for Great Britain.

He is a mouthpiece for a vocal minority for whom the EU referendum result has legitimated racism and xenophobia.

The vast majority of Britons are empathetic and welcoming people who reject the narrow and cold-hearted world view espoused by the likes of David Davies.

Keith Taylor,

Green Party MEP