Will Sunderland see another heatwave this summer? Met Office predictions for the remainder of the summer holidays

After a second period of warm weather in the second week of August, how is the rest of the summer looking?

Grey weather was once again the order of the day across the North East, with dark clouds and rain bringing temperatures down across the region at the start of this week.

Yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms across England have overshadowed the third week of August so far, with more gloomy weather expected throughout the week - although weather warnings for this part of the country have now come to an end.Now the warm temperatures have started to subside, eyes are starting to look at when we can enjoy the coastline, beer gardens and open spaces across the city once more.

What’s the weather supposed to look like over the next few days?

Will Sunderland see another heatwave this summer? Met Office predictions for the remainder of the summer holidays

The Met Office was correct in thinking any wet weather will fall away by Wednesday this week, with clear spells expected after a small period of rain on Thursday.

Despite this, temperatures are unlikely to break the 20°C barrier with highs of 19°C expected to come across this coming Thursday and Friday.

When does the Met Office believe warm, sunny weather will return to Sunderland?

The weather service expects rain to return to northern areas on Sunday with widespread showers across the country throughout next week.

No temperature information is available through the Met Office for this period.

But the final few days of August could see clearer skies once again, with the Met Office website claiming: “With winds light and plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures can be expected for this period, generally rising, feeling humid at times.”

What about after August?

Those hoping for another sunny period in the same way we’ve already experienced this summer could still be in luck.

Early September could see above average temperatures once again, with the Met Office claiming “occasional very warm spells” are possible in the early stages of next month.

Despite this, there won’t be clear skies throughout the month and many may need to wait for their chance to enjoy the sun once more.

The start of September is expected to be wet for the majority of northern areas, which will spread south and east to make way for any potential better weather.