12 photos of a busy Seaburn seafront as temperatures soar for the second day in a row

Crowds have flocked to Seaburn for the second day in a row as temperatures remain high following the easing of lockdown.

Thursday, 21st May 2020, 6:40 pm
A busy Seaburn seafront

Sunseekers enjoyed a visit to Seaburn as the good weather and high temperatures blessed Sunderland for the second day in a row.

Temperatures reached highs of 19c and the easing of lockdown measures has meant people can enjoy the hot weather.

Our photographer Stu Norton has been out capturing images of a busy Seaburn – scroll down and flick through our gallery.

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High temperatures have brought crowds to Seaburn for the second day in a row.
People can be seen queuing for ice cream as a way to cool off.
People can be seen enjoying a walk in the sun at Seaburn
Traffic can be seen queuing as many head to the seaside for the hot weather.
Crowds made sure to follow social distancing guidelines.
The hot weather is providing local businesses with an opportunity.
People can be seen keeping their distance while cooling off in the sea.
Members of the public have enjoyed walking in the warm weather.
Many have enjoying cooling off in the sea and temperatures soar.
Seaburn has seen crowds for the second day due to hot weather.
Families can be seen enjoying the sun together.
Members of the public kept their distance from each other.