Wearsider Charlie named his pig ‘iPod’. But why?

Eleven-year-old pig breeder Charlie Hird of Burdon Village.
Eleven-year-old pig breeder Charlie Hird of Burdon Village.
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A NOVICE pig breeder is determined not to let sentiment get in the way of business.

Young Wearsiders Charlie Hird, 11, decided breeding pigs was a good way to make money and is raising a herd of rare porkers.

Far from being put off by the animals’ impending slaughter, Charlie, a pupil at Durham’s Chorister School, has decided to name them after things he would like to use the money from their sale to buy, even giving one the moniker iPod.

Charlie’s parents, Mark and Nicola, own the Italian Farmhouse restaurant at West Rainton and the meat from Charlie’s pigs will be supplied to the eatery, as well as being sold directly to customers.

Dad Mark, managing director of Tavistock Leisure Ltd, said: “I was a little concerned about Charlie getting too attached to the pigs at first and strongly advised him not to form any bonds or give them names. I was promptly told that the animals had already been given names, which reflected what they meant to him. It was a bit of a surprise, however, to find out that these were things like iPod, in honour of what he intended to buy with the proceeds of their sale.”

The 12 saddlebacks and one Gloucestershire old spot breeding sow are being taken care of by Charlie and Mark, who had to complete a special pig keeping course, on land near the family’s home at Burdon Hall, Sunderland.

The saddlebacks are between 10 and 12 weeks old and they will be slaughtered at 26 to 32 weeks.

Once the first herd of pigs has gone to slaughter they will be replaced by new additions.

Anyone interested in finding out more or wishing to buy Charlie Hird’s Rarebreed Pork can email Mark at markhird1@me.com

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