Wearside MP Sharon backs campaign for UK to stay in EU

Sharon Hodgson.
Sharon Hodgson.
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Wearside MP Sharon Hodgson says she is backing her party’s campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union.

The Labour In For Britain campaign was launched by its chairman, Alan Johnson MP, earlier this month

It is supported by a total of 213 Labour MPs, including Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the entire Shadow Cabinet.

Ms Hodgson, who represents Sunderland and Washington West, argues that the North East is the only net exporter in the UK to the European Union with many businesses, including car maker Nissan in Sunderland, relying upon the close trade links with the European Union.

The UK also receives on average £26.5billion-worth of investment every year from other EU countries and future EU trade could create 790,000 more jobs by 2030, by opening up new markets in Europe, for British businesses, like digital services, energy and tourism.

Labour is campaigning to stay in Europe on the basis that continued membership is good for British jobs and good for men and women working in those industries.

Mrs Hodgson said: “In the weeks and months ahead, it is important that the case for our continued membership of the European Union and the benefits this brings to working families here in Sunderland, and the North East is made.

“The North East and the wider country’s economic future depends on trading with other EU countries as a key trading partner and receiving investment from businesses, who want to work within the European Union, such as Nissan.”