Wearside boxer slams Haye and Chisora

Dereck Chisora and David Haye conspire to disgrace British boxing
Dereck Chisora and David Haye conspire to disgrace British boxing
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THEIR out-of-the-ring brawl brought shame to British boxing.

Ex-world champ David Haye and fellow heavyweight Dereck Chisora could face jail over their bloody post-fight clash in Germany.

The ugly scenes after Chisora’s defeat to WBC champion Vitali Klitschko saw the 28-year-old arrested at Munich airport and questioned about the altercation and an alleged threat to shoot Haye.

Today, as the fallout from the fracas continued to mire the sport in controversy, coaches and fighters on Wearside revealed their fears for the image of boxing and the effect the scandal could have on up-and-coming local talent.

Paul Kelly, from Houghton Boxing Club, said: “These are professional fighters who the young lads are supposed to look up to. They are role models. It doesn’t do the sport any good.

“The first thing you are taught as a boxer is discipline. Some seem to have forgotten that.”

The 49-year-old, from Barnes, said their behaviour was in marked contrast to that of Wearside-born boxer Tony Jeffries, who won bronze at the 2006 Olympics in Beijing.

“At first, I thought it was all some sort of publicity stunt,” said the dad-of-two. “There has always been that kind of thing at press conferences, going back to the days of Muhammad Ali, but it seems to have got out of hand. They have no control.

“It’s hard to imagine someone like Tony Jeffries getting involved in something like that.

“I just hope the local lads follow his example instead of these two.”

Chisora was later released by police and allowed to return to Britain.

But German officers say the criminal probe continues and he could still face charges of affray, assault and threatening behaviour.

Haye, 31, who left Munich before being questioned, could also be charged for his role in the violence.

Earlier, at the weigh-in ahead of the WBC title fight, Chisora slapped Klitschko and spat water.

Tony Jeffries, who is currently recovering from injury, said: “It’s terrible what happened. With the slapping and spitting and then this. It doesn’t look good on British boxers.”

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