Wear trending with new Tall Ships Sunderland campaign

Wear on Board - are you?
Wear on Board - are you?
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Wear sailing - and we’re trending.

Within an hour of its launch, the #wearonboard campaign - which aims to promote next year’s Sunderland leg of The Tall Ships Races - was already a social media hit.

On this day in 2018 we will be welcoming The Tall Ships Races to our great city - exciting times ahead!

Julie Elliott

From MP Julie Elliott to dozens of the city’s big organisations, the campaign is a social media sensation.

The campaign has been launched jointly by Sunderland City Council and its media partners which include the Sunderland Echo.

The idea is to spread the word about the event which will see up to 80 ships converge on Sunderland in July next year.

To get involved in Wear On Board, all you have to do is put up a post on social media with the hashtag #wearonboard.

You will join the flood of supporters who backed it within minutes of the campaign’s launch.

Here are some of the great examples of people who are already playing their part.

* @JulieElliottMP On this day in 2018 we will be welcoming The Tall Ships Races to our great city - exciting times ahead! #WearOnBoard #TSR2018 #Sunderland.

* Sunderland College‏ @sunderlandcol #wearonboard for @TallShipsSund! It’s exactly one year today until this exciting event comes to our city! #TSR2018.

* Station Taxis‏ @sunderlandtaxis Let’s push the boat out on this one #Sunderland ⛵1 year to go @TallShipsSund #WearOnBoard #TSR2018.

* Sunderland BID‏ @SunderlandBID Ahoy there, we’re 365 days away from The Tall Ships setting sail to Sunderland! #WearOnBoard @TallShipsRaces #TSR2018.

* NationalGlassCentre‏ @NGC_GlassCentre Oh buoy, we can’t wait for the Tall Ships to come! #wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018.

* Springboard‏ @Springboard_NE Very excited to be supporting @TallShipsSund with just one year to go, make sure you get involved too! #wearonboard #TSR2018.

* Sun FM ‏ @1034SunFM #wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018 we can’t wait!!!

* Sunderland MAC‏ @SunderlandMAC This time next year, the Tall Ships Sunderland event will officially begin! #Wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018.

* The Canny Space‏ @CannySpace One year today we’ll be supporting Tall Ships and showing off our beautiful hidden gem #wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018 @TheCCT.

* SunderlandUniversity‏ @sunderlanduni ⛵Ahoy! #wearonboard with supporting @TallShipsSund #TSR2018.

* See it Do it‏ @SeeitDoitSund One year exactly until The Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018 and we can’t wait! #wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018.

* Bernice Saltzer‏ @sortedpr After a bit of pier pressure, the Tall Ships Races are coming to Sunderland in 2018 - it’s aboat time! #wearonboard @TallShipsSund #TSR2018.

Watch out for weekly coverage of next year’s races from now until they’re here this time next year!