'˜We are now a low pay, high tax country'

In Alan Wright's recent letter (January 2) again chose not to answer any points raised against the Government, but told us how well the Conservatives have been doing stating evidence from the Office for National Statistics that wages are at their highest level for more than a decade.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 8:39 am
Updated Friday, 11th January 2019, 8:44 am

Any wage increase has to be applauded but Alan does not seem to understand that these statistics show a complete failure of Government policy these last 10 years.

When they came into power in 2010 the Government put a wage freeze on all hospital workers, those in the fire service, the police, and everyone else who works in the public service industry.

These wage caps are still there for most of the people who work to keep this country going.

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The first wage rise in 10 years is testimony to the failure of Conservative wage policy, bringing wages back to 2010 is nothing to be proud of.

If you ask anyone in the construction industry they will tell you the same, wages have not risen these last 10 years, unless you are an MP, a business owner, or a subsidised shareholder in the service industry.

Under this Government we are now a low pay, high tax country.

I feel sorry for Alan and all other Conservative voters as they have been consistently brainwashed by the right wing press and this right wing Government.

Ged Taylor