Watch: Slideshow of glitzy memories from past Sunderland school proms

The exam slog is nearly over - meaning that school prom season is just around the corner.

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 5:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st August 2017, 2:24 pm
Sandhill View's big night in 2007.

To get you in the mood, here is a collection of photos taken at farewell celebrations for schools throughout the Sunderland area exactly a decade ago.

Have fashions changed that much in the last decade? Are there people on here you have never seen since your glitzy night? Are you now married with children of your own who will have

Sandhill View's big night in 2007.

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a little chuckle at your picture?

We hope you enjoy this glittering trip back in time and you can always share your memories by commenting either below this story or on our Facebook page.

Further information on how to buy copies of our pictures is available here.

Sandhill View's big night in 2007.