WATCH: Lola hopes to make most of X Factor exposure

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IT was definitely a rollercoaster of a year in 2014 for X Factor contestant Lola Saunders.

Now, the 20-year-old East Boldon singer is looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

BIG YEAR... X Factor's Lola Saunders had some time off over Christmas in preparation for a busy year ahead.

BIG YEAR... X Factor's Lola Saunders had some time off over Christmas in preparation for a busy year ahead.

Lola, who was working at Whitburn fishmongers Latimer’s while training in childcare, made it to the finals of the X Factor.

After being eliminated in week four of the ITV1 contest’s live shows, Lola says she’s been non-stop but managed to put her feet up over the festive period.

She said: “The experience overall has been crazy. I’ve always dreamed of getting to where I did on the X Factor, but to actually get there, and be in the situation now when you come out of it, and all the opportunities it brings – it’s amazing.

“For this new year, there’s a lot going on, but we’re not really allowed to do anything now until the winner’s brought out his first single.

Lola Saunders on the X Factor.

Lola Saunders on the X Factor.

“This month, that’s when I’ll get together with all my management.

“We sort of know which direction that I’m going to go down, which I couldn’t really portray on the show.

“I love all my dance music, I love my Ibiza music and everything like that, and on the show we didn’t really have a themed week where you could go out and do that.

“I’m going to be getting myself in the studio and trying to collaborate with artists and DJs – I’ve had a few offers already but I can’t get in the studio just yet.

“I’ve waited for the new year to come, so it’s just fingers crossed really and I’m just really excited – I’ve just got a nice feeling about it.”

After Lola left the X Factor, she put her backing behind Ben Haenow, who went on to win the show.

She said: “There couldn’t be a more deserving lad to win it. He’s such a nice person and a down-to-earth guy, his family, his girlfriend and everyone are just lovely people.

“Same again with Fleur, she was amazing, but she’s going to have a career no matter what.”

Lola is hoping this year will bring her a career of her own, and her plans don’t include returning to work at Latimer’s.

She said: “If I sit back and kick my feet up now nothing is going to happen, but I’ve got so much determination and I’m really excited for it. I can’t wait.

“Latimer’s have support me throughout my whole X Factor journey.

“They’ve always known that I’ve loved to sing, and they’ve been brilliant throughout.

“I worked there for a long time, since I was about 15 or 16 and they’ve been brilliant, but now I’m in the right direction to just really attack my music career and everyone understands that.”

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