WATCH: Grandmother speaks of shock after baby abandoned on her doorstep

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A GRANDMOTHER has spoken of the shocking moment a newborn baby was found on her doorstep.

Janice Clish, 52, said her partner, Russell Dobson, 60, who lives in neighbouring Fifth Street was taking his Lakeland Terrier, Zac, for an early morning walk before going to work at NSK when he made the heartbreaking discovery.

Janice Clish on the doorstep of her home where a baby was found abandoned

Janice Clish on the doorstep of her home where a baby was found abandoned

She said Zac went running up to her front door in Horden’s Emmerson Court and was sniffing around in the outdoor brick porch area.

A shaken Janice said: “Russell was calling Zac, but the dog wouldn’t come to him. He came over and found the baby. His little head and hands sticking out of the dressing gowns he was wrapped in.”

Russell woke Janice and the pair scooped up the murmuring baby, took him to Russell’s house and phoned the police.

Janice, a mum-of-two, said: “It was so dreadful, you don’t expect to find a baby on your own doorstep.

“He was completely naked, not even a nappy, and wrapped in a grey dressing gown and then a white one on top. He was clean apart from a little bit of blood on his head from the birth.

“As I was holding him he started to cough, if was quite frightening, and then a lot of bright green bile came up.”

Janice said she doesn’t know what time the baby would have been found if it wasn’t for Zac.

She said: “If it hadn’t been for Zac I dread to think how long he would have been there and it was quite nasty weather. I don’t know how long he had already been there.”