WATCH: Far-right activists stage anti-Islamic protest

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SCORES of far-right activists descended on Wearside as protestors staged an anti-Islamic demo in Washington.

Dozens of police were on hand to supervise the march by about 150 members of far right group the North East Infidels and their supporters in Concord’s main shopping street, Victoria Road.

Crowds lined the street to watch the activists who chanted, waved placards and carried National Front flag.

A spokeswoman from Northumbria Police said: “On Saturday, January 31, a demonstration took place in Concord, Washington involving members of the North East Infidels.

“Around 150 people took part in the march while others attended to listen to subsequent speeches.

“The event passed without incident, no arrests were made and people left the area after it in an orderly manner. Police will however remain in the area to offer reassuring presence to residents and visitors.

“Northumbria Police maintains a neutral standpoint and does not support or endorse any groups or individuals. However, the right to peaceful protest is also respected.

“Our role is to protect, reassure and support our communities while ensuring everyone’s safety and keeping disruption to a minimum during such events.”