WATCH: Dog who made 'miracle' recovery after attack up for national PDSA award

Suki the miniature schnauzer.
Suki the miniature schnauzer.
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Suki, a Miniature Schnauzer from Sunderland, has been selected as a finalist in a national competition run by a vet charity.

The PDSA Pet Survivor Awards recognise the UK’s most incredible tales of miracle pet survival.

Nine-year-old Suki was left with prolapsed intestines after a terrifying dog attack, but is now up against five other pets for the coveted title of PDSA Pet Survivor 2015.

The competition recognises the pets’ incredible survival spirit, the love and devotion of their owners and the skill and dedication of the veterinary teams who helped to save their lives. The winner will be decided by a public vote via the charity’s website

Little Suki was out taking her usual morning stroll, when a loose dog came from nowhere and viciously attacked her.

She was rushed to PDSA’s out of hours Pet Hospital in Gateshead and taken straight in for emergency surgery. The vet team operated for three hours to repair the extensive damage, which included prolapsed intestines, a broken jaw, ruptured spleen and bruised lungs. They even found a tooth from the dog that attacked Suki embedded in her abdomen.

Suki’s owner Marjorie Nicholson, who adopted the pup three weeks after her husband died, said: “Suki was a godsend to me at that time. Anyone with a dog knows just how valuable their companionship is and that is increased tenfold when you’re alone. Suki is a real treasure to me and so when she was attacked, I was heartbroken.”

Following the operation Suki was transferred to the charity’s Sunderland Pet Hospital for further treatment. Emma Holt, Vet Surgeon at PDSA Pet Hospital in Sunderland, explained: “Suki’s wounds needed be cleaned daily and her dressings changed, in total she had 18 separate procedures under anaesthetic or sedation to help her recover.”

Marjorie said: “Suki never flinched away or cried once during all the check-ups – she was a real trooper – and the patience and care of the PDSA staff was marvellous. She’s back to normal now and is as friendly and outgoing with other dogs as ever, despite what happened.”

Suki was nominated for the award after PDSA issued a nationwide call for pets who have dodged disaster, beaten incredible odds or survived death by a whisker. The charity was inundated with extraordinary tales for the judging panel, which included Sean Wensley, a PDSA Senior Vet and current President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA). The judges selected just six pets to go forward to the public vote, which opens today (26 November 2015).

The other finalists are:

Honey the cat – was blasted in the face with a marble-sized metal ball-bearing

Ozzy the cat – lost his leg after being attacked by a dog

Penny the Pointer – live to tell the tale after a 50mph collision with a lorry

Ruby the kitten – suffered horrific chemical burns to 50% of her body

Ziggy the Staffie – survived being shot through the head with a crossbow

BVA President Sean Wensley said: “Reading these extraordinary cases makes me proud to represent such a hard-working and dedicated profession. Vets, vet nurses and support staff save the lives of much-loved pets like these every day. The tragic and painful circumstances endured by these pets, along with the devotion shown by their owners, make them all worthy contenders.”

The competition was open to pets treated by a vet in the UK between 01 August 2014 and 1 August 2015. Only one vote per person is allowed, the winner will receive the coveted PDSA Pet Survivor trophy and a year’s free PDSA pet insurance*. Voting closes at midnight on 13 December 2015.