Watch as paddling pool 'flies' up a Sunderland street during Storm Ali

Things were going far from swimmingly for motorists when they had to dodge a 'flying' paddling pool.

The inflatable pool appeared to be blown up Villette Road, Hendon, Sunderland, near its junction with Toward Road, during the height of Storm Ali.

A still from the video.

A still from the video.

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"Flying debris" of a more traditional nature such as branches was reported across the city on Wednesday as the city was battered by winds reaching speeds of more than 50 miles per hour.

With the gusts showing no signs of easing, council officials urged people not to travel unless they had to.

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Our thanks to car passenger Mayleigh Bute for allowing us to share her footage with Echo readers.

Hopefully the pool has been reunited intact with its owner.

*Are you that owner? Please contact our newsdesk on (0191) 5017326.