Washington woman stole £26,000 inheritance cash from her ill brother

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A WOMAN has admitted stealing £26,000 inheritance cash from her ill brother.

Sharon Reavley was trusted to look after her sibling Frank Tufton’s share of their mother’s estate after her death in May 2010.

But Newcastle Crown Court heard the 56-year-old kept the cash for herself.

The court heard she then went on to con £3,000 out of a family friend, who she convinced that Mr Tufton needed money to keep bailiffs away from his door.

Reavley, of Hertburn Gardens, Washington, pleaded guilty to theft of the inheritance money between January 2013 and March 2014.

She pleaded guilty to fraud in relation to the £3,000 bailiff con in August 2013.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court: “The defendant Reavley’s mother passed away in May 2010 and her estate was distributed amongst the family but Reavley took her brother’s money to look after because he was in poor physical health and she misappropriated that money.

“That is the theft.

“The fraud is obtaining money from a family friend on the basis the brother was in desperate need, there were bailiffs and money needed to pay off the bailiffs.”

Reavley will be sentenced after the trial of her co-accused George Edmond, 59, of Ebdon Close, Chester le Street.

He yesterday denied theft and acquisition of proceeds of criminal conduct in relation to the same monies and will be tried by a jury on November 3.

Prosecutors say Edmond was in a relationship with Reavley at the time.

Judge John Milford QC told Reavley: “There is no indication of what the final outcome is.”