'Washington needs it the most' - how you voted in our poll about the Metro service of the future

More than 1,100 people voted in an Echo poll to have their say on where the Metro should be extended to. And now the results are in.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 12:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 12:08 pm
You have been having your say on the future of the Metro.

More than 300 people (26%) picked Washington as their first choice for a Metro extension, with Doxford Park coming in a close second with 20% of the vote.

Houghton and Hetton, and the MetroCentre were the next most-popular choices, taking 12% and 11% of the vote respectively.

More than 1,100 of you voted in our poll.

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Sunderland Liberal Democrats this week made calls for the Wearside leg of the service to extend to Doxford Park in a bid to to compound congestion and parking issues in the area.

Their vision included Metro extensions to the MetroCentre and the Team Valley, as well as Washington, Seaham and Doxford Park.

On our social media pages, many of you reflected the views in the poll by hailing Washington as the "obvious" choice for a Metro service, as it's within the boundary of Tyne and Wear.

There was support for a service extension to Washington and Doxford Park.

Others backed Doxford, while many argued that the current service should be improved first before any wider investment is made in new locations.

Here's what you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

North East Happening: "Grangetown, Ryhope, Doxford Park and Washington. Connecting all of Tyne and Wear, which it was built to serve."

Elizabeth Walker-hiles: " Washington like it was always promised."

Steve Bonallie: "It can't run on the system it has now so what's the point of extending it, new trains going to be bought but there will still be driver shortages, leaves on the line, cable theft, signalling failure."

Alice Smith: "I think Doxford Park would make a huge difference. It might reduce A19 traffic & accidents. But they need to sort out parking at Metro stations too."

John Hodgson: "No extension, just get whats there working reliably!"

Finn Robson: "Washington needs it the most. 70k populace with no direct access to a metro whilst being in the Tyne & Wear area is shocking."

Patrick Booth: "Need to fix the ones we've got now."

Holly Rose James: "Washington 100% it’s a pain to get to if you don’t drive."

Tommy Gooch: "Directly from Sunderland to South Shields no transfer."

Joe Ashton: "I think before spending hundreds of millions on an extension they need to sort out the existing network."

Maureen Williams: "Doxford International Business Park to cut down on cars parking in any random place & cos the bus service isn't brilliant especially after 6pm."

Joanne Oliver: "I want a Berlin-style tram system. Little trams going to all the little places."

Fiona Black: "If out at Doxford I would shop more locally."