Washington drug dealers touted for business over Facebook

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DRUG dealers touted for business via Facebook and text messages.

Mum-of-one Jaimie Lamb and Wayne Crofts were arrested after one of their customers’ phones were seized and information from the handset led detectives to their doors.

Newcastle Crown Court heard text messages found on their mobiles and posts on a Facebook account in Lamb’s name revealed them as cannabis dealers.

Lamb, 26, of South Avenue, Washington, and Crofts, 22, of Coverdale Avenue, Washington, admitted supplying cannabis between December 2012 and July last year.

Crofts also admitted possessing a small amount of amphetamine which was found when Lamb’s home was raided.

The court heard cannabis worth £364 was also recovered during the search.

Judge James Goss QC said the phone records show the pair sold cannabis “intermittently” and not in large amounts.

The judge said: “Over a period of about seven months, you were both engaged in the business of supplying cannabis to a relatively small amount of cannabis users for money.

“A feature to be observed from the information the police were able to gather was the invitation was coming from you to potential users of cannabis.

“You were, in a sense, touting for business.

“The amount of cannabis being dealt, at street level, was modest, it was £20 deals and to a small amount of people.

“You were both heavy users of cannabis yourselves and you were funding your habit by dealing on a small scale.”

The judge sentenced them both to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with supervision and 80 hours’ unpaid work.

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court one message from a phone linked to the defendants said “do you want some green?” and other messages asked “do you want any more?” and “you want owt?”.

Mr Perks added: “On Facebook, the defendant Lamb’s account shows a similar, short, intermittent pattern of cannabis dealing.

“There were two telephones in the hands of these defendants and a Facebook account that had been used for the purposes of selling cannabis.”

The court heard the pair had never been in trouble before.