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North Biddick Bowls Club is based in Penshaw Park, on the old road between Fatfield and Penshaw. The club is open every day, Monday to Saturday, between noon and 2pm. The benefits bowls can give people are gentle exercise, fresh air and companionship. Casual bowlers and new club members are always sure of a warm welcome so no matter what your age or ability level you are welcome to go along.

One Voice is a community choir, whose members have varying levels of ability and experience. The choir, which meets in Biddick Arts Centre, is looking for new members. No audition is necessary. Members of the choir all agree that singing leaves them with a good feeling and theirspirits uplifted. It is a very friendly group, which meets on a Tuesday from 5.30pm-7pm. Sessions cost between £3.60 and £4.60. Anyone interested can just pop along to one of the meetings.