Was it the greatest day ever when Radio 1 came to Sunderland?

It might have only been 11 years ago but it brought back a flood of memories for Echo readers.

Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:37 pm
The Radio 1 Big Weekend in Sunderland. So many memories came flooding back for readers.

We asked you to remember the days when you queued for tickets for the visit of Radio 1 to Sunderland in 2005, and 65,000 of you spotted the appeal.

Hundreds of you left your comments on social media on what a great event the Big Weekend was.

Fans were in a great mood as they waited for tickets.

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In fact, you didn’t mind queueing for hours because it meant you got to see acts such as Jamiroquai, and Gwen Stefani.

Take Andrew Tunstall, for example, who said: “Haha remember people going down at 2 in the afternoon. Few of us got back from the town at 4am and pushed our way to the front.

Louise Bennett could not believe it was 11 years ago and said “was a great night.”

Stuart Hall commented: “Yes! Class. Sleeping in the car park.”

The photo which sparked the initial response.

Robert Forster recalled: “I remember the crush on the Saturday night queuing for the tickets.”

And there was a double bonus as Sunderland got promoted on the same weekend, some of the Echo followers reminded us.

It may have been cold for the visit of Radio 1 but 30,000 of you didn’t mind. In fact, as time becomes a great healer, it seems that being chilled to the bone was something that most of you can now look back and laugh at.

Charlie Copeland said: “From one day through the night till the morning. Was a laugh tho!!! “

Fans were in a great mood as they waited for tickets.

Laura Crossley remembered “falling asleep in a fold up camping chair hahaha.”

And still the comments came. Here’s some more.

Chris Maddison: “well worth it ... can’t believe it was that long ago.”

Natalie Henry: “OMG Kimberly Hinde ... You remember this hahah what a night xx.

The photo which sparked the initial response.

Craig Ellison: “still one of the greatest days ever that!”

Lindsey Jones: “can you believe this was 11 year ago?”

Llayney Marie Straughan “Yes! Haha. I was in the last fifty people they allowed in the queue.”

And she added: “Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Gwen Sefani.”

Courtney Begg: “Yeah the rave tent was mint and black eyed peas and jamourqui was class.”

Clare Shaw: “I was there both nights! Can’t believe it was that long ago!”

Linda Huxtable: “Can’t believe it was 11 year ago queuing up overnight but got tickets so well worth it.”

Dean Liddle: “mortal and freezing. Great night.”

Janet Scott: “I was,all night!!!

Tara Louise Wilson: “That was a long cold night hahaha x”

Laura McLelland “good times lol xx”

Rebecca Nelson: “coldest night ever! x”

Fay Devlin: “Haha, over night in our camp chairs. It was freezing!”

Louise Napier: “Eating cheese and onion frisps. Can you believe that was 11 years ago?”

Mikaela Guy: “I certainly do! I was there both nights too!”

Jennifer Collinson: “I was there queued all night for tickets.”

Danielle Wills posted: “We so were!!!! Ahhh this was so fun!! :)

And Selina McLaughlin replied: “It was indeed remember the amount of jumpers we had on haha.”

Kimberley-Aphrodite Foster: “This makes me feel pretty old what a blast this weekend was!!!”

Rosie King : “urgh 2005!! This makes me feel queasy!!”

Friends Gillian Bogan and Vicki Croucher reminisced on good times.

Gillian Bogan: “Eee, what a night! We were like caterpillars on chairs in those sleeping bags. Our Chinese takeaway too xx”

Vicki Croucher: “Ha, I’d forgotten about the takeaway!! I do remember us going to the sing-along Abba on the Sunday night and both just wanting to be in our beds instead! Xx”

Robert Forster still had an image of the poster highlighting the event which was at Herrington Park close to Penshaw Monument.

It told of some of the acts who were performing and it was quite a line-up.

The bill included The Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Basement Jaxx, Jamiroquai, Kaiser Chiefs, Lemar and The Bravery.

Others on the schedule included The Futureheads, Magic Numbers, Maximo Park and The Subways.

Thanks to everyone who commented. We would love to hear about your own favourite events from Sunderland’s past. If there is a part of Wearside’s history you would like to see in Wearside Echoes, email [email protected]