Was this the best Sunderland school ever? Some of you think so

The best school ever? These former pupils certainly thought so.

Friday, 15th February 2019, 10:00 am
The Ryhope Grammar School photograph which attracted such a big response.

We asked poeple for their memories of Ryhope Grammar School and reached more than 17,000 people on social media.

Most had great memories of their classroom days including Granda Keith Wilko who said: “Great memories of the best school ever. Best headmaster in Dicky Copeland.”

A 1967 photograph showing the school's masters and governors.

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Julie Qualie was another who was full of praise and said: “I was at this school from 1983 to 1987. Our year was the last year in before it closed. Mr Copeland was my headmaster. Lovely man ahead of his time.”

Tracy Dunn had “some good memories of this place” and added: “Was here 1982-1987, Was a great school. Such a shame it closed,”

Our thanks also go to Ann Errington who reminded us that the school was also named Ryhope Robert Richardson Grammar School.

And we are indebted to Dot Lawson Brown who said: “Loved my old school, can still remember the grey hat that was an optional part of the girls uniform.”

Sports day at the grammar school.

Enid Cain reminisced: “I remember the grey hats that nobody would wear!”

Colleen Fowler told us that her grandad Matty Pearson was the caretaker of the school. It prompted a reply from Alyson Rodda who said: “He was pure class, we used to have a right laugh x.”

Tracy Derby described her time at Ryhope School as “fab days but didn’t appreciate those times until I left 1980-1985.”

As a further reminder, here are some more photographs of the school including classroom scenes.

Ryhope Grammar School pictured shortly before its demolition.

Were you a former pupil and what do you remember of your days there?

Who was your favourite teacher and can you remember the names of your classmates?