Warning over log burners as woodpile goes up in flames

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HOMEOWNERS are being warned to be vigilant when it comes to log burners after a fire in Sunderland.

Firefighters want to urge the public to take extra care with the appliances after a family had a lucky escape when the heat from the burner set fire to the logs being stored next to it.

Crews from Sunderland central station were called to Grey Terrace in Ryhope at 10.30pm last Thursday where the logs had caught fire.

Jeff Simpson, watch manager at the station, said: “These log burners are now popular in houses, and they are great for heating rooms. But we would just like people to be aware of how they store the logs.

“In this case, they were right next to the burner and the heat transferred from it and set them alight.”

He said that luckily a smoke alarm in the home alerted the householder who quickly put out the small fire with some water before the firefighters arrived.

Mr Simpson said: “This incident could have been much, much worse.”