Warning after spate of burglaries in Sunderland

Burglary warnings.
Burglary warnings.
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Police are urging residents in Sunderland to report all suspicious behaviour after a number of recent burglaries in the area.

In the last month there have been a number of homes broken into across the city and police want people to be aware of the action they can take to help prevent them from being targeted - and to help police catch those responsible.

Areas in Houghton and Hetton have also been targeted.

The burglaries have been happening both during the day and at night. Thieves have been getting into properties in a number of ways - on some occasions through an open window or door.

Northumbria Police said neighbourhood officers have been carrying out extra patrols in the affected areas during the day, speaking to residents and passing on crime prevention advice. Specialist covert officers have also been carrying out operations in the areas to try and catch those responsible in the act.

On Wednesday, two men were arrested in Hendon after a report of suspicious activity was made to police. They have been charged with burglary.

Detective Inspector Paul Stewart said despite all the ongoing work by police, officers believe that residents can help put a stop to these crimes.

He said: "Burglars are carrying out searches of neighbourhoods on the look out for empty homes that might have easy access points - like open windows or patio doors. They will take any opportunity they can get to get inside.

"We want people to make it difficult for them. Lock all windows and doors when you leave the house, don't leave any valuable items on show near to windows or by patio doors and make sure burglar alarms are set.

"Probably the most important thing people can do, and what will really help us to catch these burglars, is to ring us and let us know if they see anyone suspicious hanging around streets, houses or neighbourhoods. If you see someone that looks suspicious climbing over a wall, going through, or into, your neighbours' garden or something that just doesn't look right then ring the police and tell us.

"Calls like this have led to us making arrests and catching burglars red handed and we will always respond and check it out. Please ring us if you see anything suspicious straight away."

To report anything suspicious in Sunderland ring Northumbria Police on 101. If you think there is a crime taking place or it is an emergency then contact 999.