Warning after fake robbery

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A WOMAN has been cautioned by detectives after falsely claiming she had been robbed at knifepoint.

A police investigation was launched after a report of the alleged incident in an alleyway off Blackhills Road in Horden.

The woman claimed she had money snatched from her by the man after being grabbed and threatened with a knife following a visit to the Lloyds TSB cashpoint.

She claimed she received a black eye and cut in the assault.

Police arrested two local men as part of their investigations.

Her lies were exposed due to inconsistencies in her story and she later admitted making up the incident.

The woman, who is in her late 20s, has since been referred to other agencies for help with personal issues, which she said led to her actions.

Acting Detective Inspector Mick Kirtley said: “We want to let people know that if anybody makes a false allegation, we will find out.

“It is only because of her particular circumstances and issues that she received a caution and help from other agencies. We can give out fixed penalty tickets.

“This tied up officers for a couple of days because when we get a report of this matter, we deal with it very seriously.

“It’s of a high priority, it causes concern for the public and this came against a background of other robberies which had been reported in that area.

“Inquiries were carried out, including house-to-house, officers spoke to shopkeepers and visits were made to the local business premises.

“The upshot is that through those investigations, we identified some inconsistencies in her story and when she was challenged, she admitted she made it all up.”

The fake robbery was said to have happened at 11.20am on Thursday, January 27.