Voters have the power

'Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely' is Lord Acton's famous dictum.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 8:37 am
Updated Friday, 8th April 2016, 8:41 am

Good government – in the city as well as nationally – requires opposition and the stronger the better.

Labour has been in power at the civic centre for more than 40 years. The only real opposition on the city council to Labour is provided by Conservative councillors.

We regularly question and speak out about what the Labour majority is doing but there is a limit to what we can do.

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With 66 out of the 75 councillors in the city, Labour dominates the council. Only the Conservatives can provide a strong opposition voice to keep the council in check and democracy alive at the civic centre. But that is in the hands of city voters at next month’s local elections.

The result could be a stronger opposition but only the voters can bring it about.

Yours faithfully,

Coun Peter Wood,

Leader, Conservative Group, Sunderland City Council