VIDEO: Twelfth Night celebrations – would you like to see them brought back?

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BACK to work today? Would you rather be continuing the celebrations instead.

Twelfth Night was once a large celebration at the end of the Christmas period, but has fallen out of favour as the pre-festive build up seems to begin earlier each year.

The once-special date will mean little to folk in Wearside today but the time by which they must remove their decorations.

A colourful celebration of Twelfth Night, full of modern festivity and ancient traditions, has been held near Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in central London at the weekend.

Characters from pub signs, pagan myths and folklore, including the Holly Man decked in a green gown and evergreen foliage, joined the public on the banks of the River Thames for the annual celebration.

In an ancient act aimed at encouraging good growth, the Holly Man took charge of the traditional toast, or wassail, to the people, the River Thames and the Globe.

The crowds got to see a procession featuring performers from the Lions Part group, who get together every year to mark the changing seasons and explore English heritage.

A combat play, storytelling, dancing and mulled wine helped to round off the event.

Would you like to see a similar event in Sunderland, or are you fed up of Christmas long before January 6 comes around?