VIDEO: Passengers evacuated after bus bursts into flames

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PASSENGERS had to be evacuated from a bus after the engine compartment burst into flames.

The Go Ahead Northern bus was stopped in the bus link at Biddick village centre in Washington when the blaze broke out on Tuesday morning.

John Kennedy, 57, captured the incident on video as it unfolded just yards from his home.

“I just live by the bus stop – I was coming out of the house and saw it,” he said.

“The bus has just pulled up to let the passengers off.

“There was smoke billowing from the back. It got worse and worse and then the back of the bus went up in flames.”

Go Ahead Northern spokesman Tom Dodds said no-one had been hurt in the incident and praised the driver’s quick-thinking.

“There were about 20 people on the bus at the time and they were all evacuated,” he said. “The driver did the right thing, got everybody off and rang for the fire brigade.

“We are currently carrying out an investigation into the fire and we will have to wait and see what the cause was.”