VIDEO: Is this Sunderland’s worst road?

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Fed-up residents in Fairy Street, Hetton, reckon their pothole-ridden street could even be the worst in England.

The surface is plagued by craters, but because it is a private road Sunderland City Council it not responsible for repairs.

Elizabeth Meek (right) and neighbour Gladys Davis surveying the potholes in their street at Fairy Street, Hetton.

Elizabeth Meek (right) and neighbour Gladys Davis surveying the potholes in their street at Fairy Street, Hetton.

However, residents say something needs to be done soon about the street they claim is dangerous.

It is also costing them hundreds of pounds in car repairs due to damage caused by the uneven surface.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and we are sick of it,” said Elizabeth Meek, 60. “This has been going on for years.

“Despite the fact we pay £1,000 a year council tax, the council say they don’t own the road.

Potholes in street at Fairy Street, Hetton.

Potholes in street at Fairy Street, Hetton.

“Because these used to be colliery houses, they won’t entertain the idea. The craters are getting worse and worse.”

Elizabeth, who lives with husband Kenneth, said: “In April I had to pay £400 because the ball joint in our car went and we drive a 4x4.

“It’s got to be the worst street in England.”

Fellow Fairy Street resident Claire Webb said: “I have a four-year-old daughter who I can’t let play in the street due to the potholes as it’s dangerous.

“My mam has fallen over in the street.

“It’s ridiculous, I’m stuck here because I can’t sell my house for many reasons, but a factor is the state of the street.

“It’s been like this for years and it’s getting worse. It needs sorting.”

The residents’ plea for help comes after the Echo this week revealed that potholes on Wearside would cost Sunderland taxpayers £14million to repair.

That is the full amount that would be needed if the city’s road network was to be brought up to an acceptable standard.

Last year, Sunderland City Council spent £2.5million on repairs.

Councillor James Blackburn, cabinet member for city services, said: “We can understand the frustrations of residents living in Fairy Street.

“However, the responsibility for maintaining this unadopted road rests with the owners of the properties adjoining it.

“Should the owners come forward with a proposal and a willingness to pay their proportion of the construction costs, then the council will consider implementing the Private Street Works Code, which would lead to the formal adoption of the road.

“There are a number of different options available to residents who wish to bring forward a scheme for adoption, or if they wish to consider arranging for the work to be carried out themselves.

“Residents can call 520 5555 for more information.”