Twin grief of heartbroken Sunderland mum

Kelly Simmons has twice lost twins.
Kelly Simmons has twice lost twins.
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A TRAGIC mum today revealed her heartache after losing her second set of baby twins in just two years.

Grieving Kelly Simmons has also forced to battle a horrific flesh eating disease that left her self confidence in pieces.

The 29-year-old, of Hendon, Sunderland, is living every parent’s worst nightmare after losing twins just weeks ago.

Born into the world at 23 weeks, Hope-Marie and Kade Rhys were too small to survive and died at Sunderland Royal Hospital shortly after their birth.

Now Kelly, of Cairo Street, and her former partner Gary Carter are battling to come to terms with their loss of their babies.

Gary, 38, said: “To bury your babies is the worst thing you could ever have to do.

“Kelly is a twin and my mum was a twin so this was going to be really special for the pair of us.”

Kelly said: “It’s just a horrible thing to have to go through and it’s hard, really hard, to try and cope.

“We got to see the twins lying there in their Moses basket and it was terrible.”

The death of Kelly and Gary’s twins is the latest tragedy to hit the couple.

Kelly had to bury her first child after it was stillborn in 2003.

In February 2009, Kelly and Gary lost their first set of twins, Angel Marie and Reegan Rhys, when they were born at just 23 weeks.

A little while later, Kelly fell pregnant again but more problems were on the horizon.

At 28 weeks, she started having contractions and was rushed into Sunderland Royal Hospital where she had an emergency Caesarean.

Baby Auden was born weighing 5lbs in October 2009 and was taken straight to the neo-natal unit, while Kelly was told she could return home.

But overnight her wound burst open and the next day she returned to hospital in agony.

Kelly was told her wound had been infected by necrotising fasciitis - a flesh eating bacteria - and she was kept in intensive care for five weeks.

She said: “It was horrible because while I was worrying about this, I wasn’t allowed to see my baby. The nurses kept bringing in photos to show me and eventually he was brought in, which was amazing.

“I was finally allowed out but couldn’t do anything for myself at home. Gary had to do everything.”

Left with a huge scar across her abdomen, Kelly’s confidence hit rock bottom and she asked Gary to move out.

Gary said: “Still to this day I don’t understand why she did it, but she said she didn’t feel attractive any more and that breaks my heart.”

Gary moved out but continued to support his family and last September Kelly again fell pregnant and was stunned to be told she was again expecting twins.

But, sadly the babies died when they were born on March 1 this year.

“We can’t believe everything that has happened to us,” Kelly said. “How do you cope with all of this?

“To lose one set is bad enough but then to go through this whole process again is horrible.”