Tweeter has pop at Sunderland football club

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A CONTROVERSIAL politician has had a pop over legal highs allegedly on sale at Take That gigs.

Cleadon and Boldon councillor David Potts claims his friend spotted poppers, often used by clubbers, on sale outside Monday night’s concert at the Stadium of Light.

In an open message to the football club on social networking site Twitter, he said: “Are you aware that your stadium sells ‘poppers’ at its franchised outlets? Do you consider this appropriate?

In a follow-up message, the councillor said: “Please avoid them folks. I’ve been to rehab and seen the effects of such drugs on others. Bad news.”

He claimed the club has asked him to remove his posts.

Coun Potts, who is renowned for his controversial remarks on Twitter, said poppers – a slang term for alkyl nitrites inhaled from a bottle – may be legal, but they should not be sold around children and families.

“They were marketed as something like room odourisers, but we all know what they are,” he added. “They were for sale around where they have the silly hats and things.

Coun Potts said he tried to contact Sunderland AFC’s chief executive directly and left a message, but had not yet had any response.

He said he would be submitting an email to the club and had been told it would then investigate the situation.

SAFC did not want to comment.