TV drama set on the streets of Sunderland

Apocalyptic drama: The cast of Chipped, with Graham Nicholson, of Ashbrooke, (green scarf).
Apocalyptic drama: The cast of Chipped, with Graham Nicholson, of Ashbrooke, (green scarf).
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SUNDERLAND’S streets have become the setting for a post-apocalyptic drama.

Makers of Chipped have been filming the “edge of your seat” series in Ashbrooke in the hope that their pilot show will attract funding.

The series follows a group of characters who have refused to have a microchip implanted in their brains by the government.

Set 10 years in the future, in a Britain left desolate by unemployment and funding cuts, it tells the story of what happens when a satellite controlling the chips becomes corrupted by a virus. The show follows the fortunes of a group known as the “chip resistors”.

Partly filmed in Bellevue Road, producers Hungry Wolf Productions are hoping it will be shown on internet TV and film channel NetFlix.

Wearsider Graham Nicholson plays one of the lead characters, Daniel Cook.

The 40-year-old is also executive producer of Chipped, and keen to get people more involved.

“From the interest we have had in it so far, we think the programme could rival programmes such as The Walking Dead,” he said. “We want to bring people into the region and get them excited about what we are doing.”

A 15-minute trailer has been made, and will be put on YouTube.

Those behind the project, which as it stands has no budget, are hoping to get sponsorship of £250,000 to make the first seven episodes.

“We have just written off to a Saudi Prince called HRH Alwaleed Bin Tealal,” said Graham, who has appeared in the ITV series Vera, and BBC One drama Inspector George Gently.

“He invests in lots of projects so we are hoping he might pour some money into Chipped.

“Hopefully, the programme will get picked up and we will get some funding.”

Cast and crew are working unpaid, and using their own equipment to film it.

Liam Drury, 22, the brains behind the programme, said working on it is a dream come true.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is make TV, so it’s great for me,” he said. “I came up with the idea and everyone started to get on board. There must be about 50 of us now.

“Everyone knows the situation. If they want to work for us, it is because they believe in what we are doing.”

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