Trip to Blackpool led Sunderland couple to 60 years of marriage

Fred and Brenda Taylor
Fred and Brenda Taylor
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DIAMOND couple Fred and Brenda Taylor have clocked up 60 years of happily-married bliss.

The couple, from Morgan Street, Southwick, celebrated with a family get-together.

Brenda is 81 years old and Fred is 80. Brenda joked: “He’s my toyboy.”

The couple met on a neighbourhood coach excursion, but Brenda admits she was not immediately smitten.

“We went on a bus trip to Blackpool with people from the street,” she said.

“It wasn’t love at first sight, but he grew on me.”

Brenda worked as a machinist, while Fred was a miner.

The couple, who have four daughters, marked the big day with a family meal at The Little Haven Hotel, in South Shields.

Brenda believes the secret to a long and happy marriage is simple – remember that you are only one half of a partnership.

“It is just about give and take,” she said.

“One of you doesn’t get to make all the demands, you just give and take.

“That’s all.”