Tree disease

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WEARSIDERS are being urged to ensure they buy ash trees from reputable UK suppliers.

In a bid to combat a new outbreak of a highly destructive disease, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is warning people about Chalara fraxinea, a disease which can cause leaf loss and crown dieback, leading to possible tree death

CLA North regional director Dorothy Fairburn said: “We are asking people to make a concerted effort to ensure that this disease does not take a hold in the UK. Reputable nurseries will have had a plant health inspection of ash stocks in recent weeks so we are encouraging customers to make sure they only buy ash trees from trusted suppliers.”

Ash trees suffering from the Chalara fraxinea have been found widely across Europe, but the disease was unknown in this country until recently.

Since then infected plants have been found across County Durham to as far afield as Yorkshire.