The roads in and around Sunderland where YOU want to see speed limit changes

Motorists have been sharing their views on roads in and around Sunderland – and highlighting the routes where they would like to see a change in speed limit.

Monday, 25th October 2021, 9:40 am

We asked the Sunderland Echo readers on our Facebook page to name the Wearside road where they think a change in speed limit is necessary.

Dozens of people got in touch to share their views, with suggestions ranging from the locations that need further policing by way of speed cameras or vans, to those where the limit needs to be reduced.

Some also voiced concerns over the dangers created by traffic moving too slowly, with calls to bring some 20mph zones back to 30mph.

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Readers have been sharing their views on the roads they think need a speed limit change.

National speed limits dictate the following:

*A speed limit of 30mph in built-up areas

*A speed limit of 60mph on single carriageways

*A speed limit of 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways

Local councils are also able to set their own speed limits in certain areas – including 20mph in built-up areas near schools, or 50mph on a stretch of road with sharp bends – but these must be clearly signed.

This is what you had to say on the issue. Click here to add your own suggestion to the post.

Chester Road

Fiona Richardson said: “Chester Road from the hospital to [the] Broadway needs speed cameras … 30mph but cars go up it at 60mph.”

Cleveland Road

Suggested by Richie Fairhead and Wil MacDonald. Wil said: “I’d say Cleveland Road, but most boy-racers do about 50 up it anyway.”

Front Road

Lorna McAllister said: “Front Road is 20mph but no-one adheres to it so it’s pointless painting signs and putting humps when there is no policing and no cameras or speed vans.”

Holborn Road

Suggested by Claire Sharma

Hylton Castle Road

Suggested by Kev Cowe

Hylton Road

Janine Mullen said: “Hylton Road, from [the] cemetery to [the] roundabout before Heron’s is ridiculous. Constant speeding. So many kids live on street as well. Accident waiting to happen.”

Hazel Loughton said: “Hylton Road, (from the willow pond to the town). They speed along like its a race track!”

Leechmere Road

Barbara Bennett said: “Leechmere Road needs cameras, too many cars going too fast!”

Mill Lane, Whitburn

Lynn Richardson said: “Mill Lane and Whitburn Village – all the way through as like the A19.”

Mount Road

Suggested by Stewart Francis

Queen Alexandra Road

Suggested by Sarah Thompson

Roker Baths Road

Paula Ellison said: “Yes Roker Baths Road ASAP before someone is killed.”

Sea View Road West

Luke Kirtley said: “Yes, Sea View Road West. Already a 20mph and people still doing easy 50mph down it.”

Silksworth Lane

Michael McCardle said: “Silky Lane, Lakeside to Silky Hall bank. How come that's 40 yet Lakeside to Sainsbury's is 30?”

St Mark's Road

Lesley Cheal said: “St Mark’s Road should have speed cameras. They come flying along.”

St Luke's Road

Anth Wigham said: “St Luke’s needs changing back to 30, other than outside of the schools. By keeping to the speed we are constantly getting [sic] overtook, which now creates a different danger of vehicles coming out of a side road.”

Kathryn Smart said: “St Luke’s Road [is] like a drag race.”

Station Road, Hetton

Nikola Sulkiewicz said: “Station Road in Hetton-le-Hole. Car drivers think they are on the F1 race track flying up and down all the time.”

Stockton Road

Maureen Eley said: “Stockton Road by [the] hospice, a race track.”

Tunstall Road

Angela Young said: “Yes but would they stick to them ... between St Aidan’s and St Anthony’s. Tunstall Road area.”

Westmoor Road and Midmoor Road

Lyndsey Maddison said: “We need cameras on Westmoor and Midmoor road before someone's killed.”

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