Bus times are just the ticket... almost

On time: Stagecoach says its reliability and punctuality have improved.
On time: Stagecoach says its reliability and punctuality have improved.
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A BUS giant has released figures showing its services are close to 100 per cent reliable.

Stagecoach North East has, in its latest annual report, announced that reliability and punctuality has improved on last year and is now at 99.65 per cent.

The figures represent a 0.05 per cent increase in reliability and 0.8 per cent increase in punctuality.

Managing director Phil Medlicott said: “The impressive results contained within our annual report are proof of our dedication to provide an outstanding service across the North East and our commitment to enhancing customer service levels.

“We continue to seek improvements by rescheduling services and also through discussions with our local highway authorities.

”With investments and constant stringent attention paid to improving services, the next year is set to produce even better results.”

Stagecoach North East, which has a depot in Dundas Street, Sunderland, recently announced investment of £6million in 38 new buses for Sunderland this year, including 19 biomethane gas buses.

Stagecoach and other North East bus companies are fighting the renationalisation of buses, which would see a return to the system of the 1980s.

Should it be implemented, the firms will have to bid for contracts from Nexus, and would no longer be able to choose routes based on profitability. Last month, the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority agreed to enter a formal consultation process about introducing quality contracts.