10 things you said about today's Metro chaos

The service has been suspended all day so far.
The service has been suspended all day so far.

Metro passengers have told of their fury after suffering severe disruption today.

The service is suspended system-wide due to a problem with the power supply at the depot, in Gosforth.

Buses are not accepting Metro tickets due to "capacity", with passengers advised to find alternative modes of transport.

Work is ongoing to get trains out of the depot using a battery locomotive so that a service can run.

However, that has not cut much ice with passengers.

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On Twitter, @Jackie__H posted: "The Metro lets people down too many times. It needs sorting out!"

Also on Twitter, @moobs73 added: "The system is off more times than it’s on these days. The prices are disgusting as well."

@DVTheCoach wrote: "This is one shoddy transport system, I refuse to lower myself to use it."

On Facebook, Terry Trigger said: "The system is an absolute joke. The government needs to step in - every day there is a different excuse. It’s a complete disgrace."

Gav Smith had an amusing take on the situation.

He wrote: "Metros off? ...In other breaking news water is wet, and cow found going 'moo”."

Sharon Oley posted: "There were problems and delays yesterday too."

Dionne Scott added: "Just walked to the Metro and I don't know which bus to get and get off."

Janet Scott Welsh said: "The most unreliable service I have ever known."

Stewart Graham wrote: "There's a surprise."

Thomas Wright posted: "If they kept some trains overnight at Sunderland they could at least run an hourly service around Sunderland or South Shields."